Psychometric Assessment

A psychometric assessment is a thorough exploration of a person’s functioning across cognitive, educational, behavioural, social and emotional areas.

More specifically it includes:

  • general abilities
  • attention and organization skills (executive functioning)
  • verbal reasoning
  • processing speed
  • nonverbal reasoning
  • scholastic abilities
  • listening skills
  • phonological processing
  • visual motor skills
  • quantitative reasoning
  • learning style (verbal vs nonverbal skills)
  • information processing skills (auditory and visual)
  • memory and retention, rote learning · basic language ability
  • integration of processing modes (e.g. visual/motor)

As well as:

  • social processing skills
  • emotional adjustment

Why have a psychometric assessment?

A psychometric assessment is very important in finding out why a person is not achieving their potential.

It can answer such questions as:

  • Is the person really bright but not showing their best or are they already achieving to their own potential?
  • Do they have a Learning Disability?
  • Do they have attentional or organizational difficulties?
  • Or are they suffering from stress, self-esteem or motivational difficulties?
  • Is the problem a combination of these factors?

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