Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

COVID-19 Update

Our staff at Woodside Centre wants to express how much we care for you and your wellbeing during this unprecedented time. The clinicians at Woodside Centre will continue to provide therapeutic support to our community until Covid-19 is resolved. In light of recent Covid-19 developments, we hope to provide enhanced support for both your physical and mental wellbeing during your appointments with your Psychologist. To do this, we are actively taking steps to create greater accessibility for your appointments. We have done this in line with the advice and guidance of the Australian Government and Australian Psychological Society.

According to the Australian Federal Government guidelines and the changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Better Access Initiative, clients with a valid Mental Health Care Plan are eligible for 20 mental health sessions under the Better Access Pandemic Support measure.  Clients will be able to access an additional 10 individual psychology sessions within the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) until 30th June 2022 when it will return to 10 sessions per year.  Clients will be required to return to their GP once completing their 6th session to have their plan reviewed.  This will be required again once completing their 10th, 16th and 20th sessions. If you would like more information regarding the updates to the Better Access Initiative, please visit the government’s MBS Online link:

For clients isolating due to illness or pending test results we can offer Telehealth appointments.  The software used for video appointments is at the discretion of the clinician (Zoom or  Alternatively, if you would prefer a phone call, our clinicians can contact you on your preferred contact number.

We take cyber security very seriously and will make sure that we maintain our platforms and Telehealth environments to the highest possible standard in line with the Privacy Act and Australian Psychological Society guidelines. If you would like more information on protecting your privacy online, please visit the government’s Protecting Yourself Online link:

For our Telehealth appointments you will need a stable and private Wi-fi connection, webcam or camera, microphone and speaker and the appropriate teleconferencing software that your practitioner has chosen to use.

Where can I park?

Unfortunately, the Woodside Centre does not have any on-site parking available. However, street parking can be found in Riverview Terrace. There are also car parks available at the Bunnings Centre and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

If you have a referral from a GP, please bring this. Additionally, we would appreciate it if you have your Medicare and/or Private Health Care card on you (if applicable).

What’s a Mental Health Care Plan and how do I obtain one?

Clients under a Mental Health Care Plan are eligible for a Medicare rebate for appointments with Rachael or Luke. To obtain a Mental Health Care Plan, you must book a double-length appointment with your GP.

Do you have HICAPS?

Yes, we are able to process Medicare and Private Health rebates on site. However, note that Michele Juratowitch is not able to process Medicare or Private Health, as she is registered as a social worker.

If I bring my child, do I go in to the session with them?

We are happy to accommodate for your needs depending on the child’s age. Normally, the parent will speak to the practitioner briefly at the beginning and end of the session, whilst the child speaks for the majority of the session.

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